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BioShock Infinite - Irrational Games, 2013. 
Credit: Technical Sound Design, Implementation

Foundation - Polymorph Games, 2018
Credit: Audio Direction, Sound Design & Implementation

Skywind - Elder Scrolls Renewal Project (In Development)
Credits: Creature Sound Design, Implementation, Interim Audio Team Coordinator

BioShock Infinite DLCs Irrational Games, 2013-2014. 
Credit: Technical Sound Design, Dynamic Music Scripting

Chariot - Frima Games, 2014
Credit: Ambient Sound Design, Character Sound Design, Implementation

Heroes of Hammerwatch - 2018, Crackshot Games
Credits: Trailer Music Composition

Passion Projects

Modular Synth composition to muted video.

A challenge to design as many sounds as possible with household objects, simple synths, and original field recordings. Music Credit: David Rosen

Forays and Experiments



Retro-style electronic composition in Ableton.

Circumvention of Exogenous...

Electro-acoustic noise composition made with Reason.

Catechism, Coda, Carbine

Electro-acoustic noise composition made with Reason.