Onward and Outward

Why “We?”

Currently, The Grove consists of one individual - founder and Technical Sound Designer, Jonathan Grover. So, why use “we” to describe “our” services?

Every project I’ve worked on has been a team effort. Every skill I’ve acquired has been bolstered by others. Art is inherently collaborative and iterative - nothing is made in a vacuum. So, no matter how many people officially make up the Grove, it will always be an extension of those I’m connected to and have been inspired by.

How I got here

Beginning by studying music in a strict conservatory setting,I did what all good classical cellists do: fused a contact microphone to my bridge and played as many noise shows as I could book. Electro-acoustic composition became my first, formative foray into sound design. Passion turned to obsession, and in my senior year of college, I left, to stake it all on a job in AAA games. I now have a degree in Audio Engineering and a passion for all things Indie. 

My life looks like a sine wave, oscillating back and forth between divergent paths. Yet, through the peaks and valleys, I always return to games, and I always return to audio. The tangents of my life have opened my ears to its vast possibilities, and I want to hear as much of it as I can. And so, I created The Grove - to connect with others who have that same wanderlust and ever-eager thirst for discovery - to make labors of love with like-minded, life-long listeners. I can't wait to meet you, and to hear your story.

I currently live amidst the rugged beauty and irreverent artistry of Portland, ME, with my dog, Carinae, my cat, Sole, and my partner, Grace, as beloved companions on this journey.