Onward and Outward

Our Audio Lead and Founder at The Grove is Jonathan Grover. This is his story.

"Beginning by studying music in a strict conservatory setting,I did what all good classical cellists do: fused a contact microphone to my bridge and played as many noise shows as I could book. Electro-acoustic composition became my first, formative foray into sound design. Passion turned to obsession, and in my senior year of college, I left, to stake it all on a job in AAA games. I now have a degree in Audio Engineering and a passion for all things Indie. 

My life looks like a sine wave, oscillating back and forth between divergent paths. Yet, through the peaks and valleys, I always return to games, and I always return to audio. The tangents of my life have opened my ears to its vast possibilities, and I want to hear as much of it as I can. And so, I created The Grove - to connect with others who have that same wanderlust and ever-eager thirst for discovery - to make labors of love with like-minded, life-long listeners. I can't wait to meet you, and to hear your story."

Jonathan lives amidst the rugged beauty and irreverent artistry of Portland, ME, with his dog, Carinae, his cat, Sole, and his partner, Grace, as beloved companions on his journey.